Experience a Virtual World!

You are invited to participate in our studies on human behaviour in virtual reality.


Lab:                Dr. Sun                                    Location: PC B139

Researchers: Jenny Campos                                      (behind the security doors)

(camposJL@mcmaster.ca)                   Number of Sessions: 1

Contact #:       x 27565                                   Duration: 1 hour each session

Compensation: $10/hour


1.      You must have normal or corrected to normal colour vision.

2.      This experiment is not recommended for individuals that are prone to motion sickness.

3.      Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as this experiment requires riding on a stationary bike.


Directions to the Sun Lab

·        Enter through the West door of the Psychology building (the side closest to the new Applied Health Sciences Building)

·        Just past the vending machines on your left make a left turn and continue down the stairwell.

·        Once enter basement, go through the first set of doors (no security access required) and directly on your right will be a second door (security access required).

·        Knock loudly on this door and the experimenter will be there to let you in.


Now you can directly sign up on our website.  Please fill in the automated sign up form to sign up for an experiment.  You can also access this link by clicking on the following address (under heading “recruiting”).






Project Name

Number of Hours Required / Subject

Number of Subjects needed

1. Orientation

2 hours/subject


2. Object

5 hours/subject


3. Distance

6 hours/subject